Ship Management

IBL-SHIP MANAGEMENT department (IMO Identification Number:1659505)

The Ship Management department attends to and coordinates the technical and operational requirements for vessels owned/chartered by the IBL Group or trading on behalf of third party ship owners or charterers.

The Ship Management department is certified compliant with the ISM Code and holds a Document of Compliance issued by Lloyd's Register.

All vessels under management fully comply with the applicable International and Flag requirements.

The department also offers crewing & manning services.

Reefer Operations Ltd (ROL) is part of the Ship Management department and specialises in the operation of reefer carriers, mainly affected to the transportation of frozen tuna.

Seaways Marine Supplies Ltd. is another company that operates under the Ship Management department umbrella. It provides other ship and shipping support activities, such as the supply of marine lubricants and marine paints.

Contact Person

Capt.Thierry PERRIER
Marine Manager

Tel: (230) 206 69 95   Mobile: (230) 5940 36 50 Fax: (230) 206 69 43 Email:

Office Address

IBL Ship Management
Froid des Mascareignes complex 2
Freeport Zone 21
Mer Rouge
Republic of Mauritius

China 我们的船舶管理部门,为船舶提供技术和业务管理服务。包括船员补充 物质后勤补给 船舶的技术业务管理和船务行政管理。

Spain Nuestro departamento marítimo proporciona servicios de gestión técnica y operativa de buques, más específicamente para las compañías con mercantes frigoríficos. Además es proveedor de servicios de dotación de tripulación y personal relacionado con el suministro de efectos navales.

Japan IBL 船舶管理部門は、船舶技術面、運航管理面のサービス、特には、冷凍   運搬船のそれらを提供します。又同部門は、乗組員斡旋及び海産物の   提供をも行います。

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